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I support his nationalist side and global capitalist side, not his globalist side…


“I’m both a nationalist and a globalist.” Trump


Exhibit I, photograph:

How can a tiny plane colliding into a gigantic building and supposedly leveling it cut a steel beam so perfectly, at a perfect 45 degree angle? It can’t, but a pre-placed explosive can.

Exhibit II, best documentary on this matter, In Plane Site:

Exhibit III, great documentary, Loose Change:

Exhibit IV, analysis by a greatly learned scientist, James Fetzer:

Exhibit V, great documentary, Zeitgeist:

Inspired by Bill Clinton’s words:

“Don’t aim for narrow targets. Play the probabilities.”

I really, really, really, really hope President Clinton becomes president soon. I hope Baracka or whatever his name is is impeached and replaced by President Clinton asap.

Devoid of morals

Devoid of compassion

Devoid of righteousness

Russian girls are whores, most of them. They destroyed Dubai with their whoriness. And the pimps who run this city let them.

Russians males have small dongs, so they build big warheads and nuclear reactors. Proof they are small:

Ask yourself: How dangerously psychotic and in the closet do men have to be to build this?

Russians are bisexuals and have no respect for reality. Want to destroy as much as possible.

Russians have deforested more land than any other people….

8 million square kilometres of trees were killed by Russians.

Russians are the most dangerous and corrupting people and they don’t deserve the amount of land they have. They don’t deserve freedom and they don’t deserve equality. These bastards can’t function without a czar governing their every move. Crazy rothschilds killed their czar and unleashed a terror on us.

Give them a frickin’ czar, end communism and keep them out of other countries.

The arab women can’t tolerate seeing men in shorts and t-shirts but their own city is built largely on money made from drugs smuggling earlier and now, and sex tourism. They have hidden the whores away in hotels and nightclubs. But they’re here and they are ruining an already pathetic excuse for a city.

Secret clan that ritualistically performs human sacrifices and other immoral behaviour, such as sexually abusing small girls. Many world leaders belong to this cult, for example, Bush who is a member of the Bohemian Grove, a part of the illuminati where guys do each other.

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