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Kosher vs Halal. Kosher wins obviously. 

it leads to unity, direction, implementation, results

they’re fags that can’t get enough heat. demolish islam in china, states, india to reverse climate damage. stinking muslims lost in their own false reality encourage others to damage the real reality. their diseases have infected these very large and influential countries.

to save the planet earth from environmental abuse. environment includes nature, trees, land, air, water animals, people, women, children.

Exhibit I, photograph:

How can a tiny plane colliding into a gigantic building and supposedly leveling it cut a steel beam so perfectly, at a perfect 45 degree angle? It can’t, but a pre-placed explosive can.

Exhibit II, best documentary on this matter, In Plane Site:

Exhibit III, great documentary, Loose Change:

Exhibit IV, analysis by a greatly learned scientist, James Fetzer:

Exhibit V, great documentary, Zeitgeist:

You will pay for brutally killing animals and enjoying it. Your sick cult of a religion will be destroyed, your mosques will be destroyed, your books confiscated, and you denuded and left to fend for yourself.

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