Truth Is Here


Posted on: September 28, 2016

it’s a mix of good and bad of course. Zuckerberg has stolen the code for it from his classmates working with him on it allegedly. This allegation seems to be true because Zuck is kissing third world corrupt ass a lot with this site by connecting them and exposing corporations and other important entities to them without really having given the other developers of facebook (it wasn’t called that it was called Connect U and was only for uni students) their fair share of the profit/success. Well that’s what happens when a greedy color blind atheist drop out throws his books out and steals from true developers something they wisely wanted only uni students to have access to.

I’ve been hurt and humiliated a Lot on facebook and Obama is still on the large partly because he got access to facebook even though he’s illegal as a president and you can shove that birther label up your ass.

zuck is so rude he actually blocked me on fb when I messaged him. All incompetent people riding on others’ merits stolen by them are bound to leave clues of their wrong doings in some way or shape or form.

I’m in no way bashing all drop outs, a good education can also go a long way.

I’m being targeted like hell in real life where I am and things are bad for me in many ways  😦

I really wonder if Zuck’s rule of don’t add people you don’t know should be taken seriously cause he’s a fraud and a bungler


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