Truth Is Here

my situation is not ideal

Posted on: June 14, 2011

1. stupid father who keeps messing up and cannot achieve or set goals. a shameless faggot who is only interested in men and is a deceiver and full of crap. what a useless asshole to have as a father. a curious piece of crap who only spies on me and never makes any arrangements for me. the useless bastard could not even support me in getting a degree. bastard. piece of shit. selfish motherfucking faggot. all he has done is let people down. asshole. failure. fired from jobs. failed at business. doesn’t touch his wife. idiot. doesn’t take her out. can’t keep his family in a decent house. idiot. loser. pretends to be a great person. enjoys his son’s pain. sadistic bastard. fuck you idiot! i hate you! you useless piece of crap.

2. stupid mother who keeps covering him up to hide her own flaws. she knows his flaws but covers him in front of me at his request. bitch. dumb bitch still doesn’t want freedom

3. stupid grandmother who is happy to see this happen

4. stupid city i am in

this trap seems inescapeable


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