Truth Is Here

You muslames suck so bad

Posted on: June 10, 2011

You wake up billions of people forecefully every morning when its still dark and make insomnia a part of society. You all deserve to die! All you muslames deserve to die for irritating others and contributing nothing but pain and noise and hatred. And lies. Fuck you, fuck your prophet, and fuck your hate filled, psychotic god. Shut up for fuck’s sake you impolite bastard. He’s been screaming outside my house for a year and I can’t sleep because of this. This is the devil’s own religion. Kill them all. Do us a favour and kill every muslim, burn every koran and destroy every single mosque. Screaming in a hate filled voice in arabic getting pleasure out of the listner’s pain.  The mosque is so far I can’t see it but the guy is screaming so loudly I can hear him. I want to kill him and all others who are on his team. Die you muslims! I’m coming to kill each and every one you! That’s what you death worshipping dickheads want isn’t it? I’ll give it to you. All of you!



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