Truth Is Here

Mother. Drugged up.

Posted on: June 10, 2011

She destroys my positivity. Argues, tries to dominate me. How do i convince these idiots to get off the medicine. She wants me to get out. But she keeps taking away the positivity. She has told me to get out of the house so many times. She is sick. A sick sick woman who is practically a crazy man now. How could she. Her own mother betrayed her. As did her sisters. As did my jackass of a father. Bastard. He is a trash can right now. Its all because of the curse of a bad person. And their own carelessness. If they get hurt, he wins. Help him lose and pray they become better people. They weren’t good in the past. Just untested. Her mother really ruined her. She is a chicken. All she eats is bread and eggs and she has become a crazy, dominating chicken. It doesn’t help that my father is a fag. It doesn’t help that the city we are in has suddenly become host to all sorts of fags. This is Dubai. Dating is illegal her. But prostitution is a business protected by the cops. Welcome to the darkness of Islam. A darkness that is rooted in shame. Muslims are all closet homosexuals and totally against heterosexual rights. They pray for the devastation of heterosexuals. They worship death, darkness, destruction, and the fall of great people and cultures. Muslims don’t have sex because they like it. They have sex because they are instructed like useless little minions to create more and more muslims so they can dominate us normal people. They are psychotic weirdos and they are criminals. They are social and psychological criminals. They are raping western and eastern culture and making the existence of others strange. They must be stopped. Muslames could not tolerate the joy and the freedom of western and eastern culture and they cursed them. These cultures turned self and environment destructive. They invented alcohol. They started lying. They started cheating. . As must the consumption of meat which makes people diseased and petty. Muslmaes are sick and sick people have a lot of power. They drain the spirit of good people and control their behaviour. I cannot tolerate this anymore. Why do the major nations not publicly denounce this vile religion that wants to beat up and dominate other people and rape its own people. This religion is not a religion but the desert frustration of a mega psychotic bastard, their mass murdering leader whom they praise and wish peace upon. These assholes are the minions of that asshole and they must be killed to end his power. As must their methods and practices.

I hate that my mother still dominates and controls my will. She does not have the right to do this anymore!


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