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saudi/uae/british/mid east royal families – self proclaimed royals, nothing royal or noble or special about them

obama fambly – usa haters, world haters, dangerous dangerous people

Russians and other fascists

turkish people

lebanese people

black people

brown people

closet homos


people who support these bastards, i.e. people of india, arabs

stop supporting these parasites

but no one calls. no one calls to ask how i am. no one. curse everyone i know. the useless pricks. and i don’t have a single person to talk to. such is life with psychotic parents in the closet living in the gayest city in the world dubai. and from a shit country like india that has nothing to offer its citizens

she is constantly irritated and frustrated. diabetic loser who gives her enemies full support to destroy her. i hate her and i hate dubai and i hate my father. this city ruined my prospects.

she can’t take any realities. she keeps complaining about her school, when i tell her she should have left that place she says it is an okay place. she is insane and is insulting and hurting me a lot

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