Truth Is Here

fuck all my relatives, country people, never there for me

Posted on: December 29, 2010

i cant rely on anyone, depend on anyone, no one is there for me, no one even wants to listen to me without getting money for it. so fed up of getting emotional and verbal abuse from my mother. i am a neglected and emotionally abused child. from a broken family where parents don’t get along and i keep getting the hatred. i hate my bitter, cowardly, loser of a mother. i hate being a part of this fake, fucked up family who blames me for every little liberal thing i do. i hate how people keep scamming each other and damaging the environment. i just want to be one with nature and save it from bad people with too much printed, fake power – money. but i’ve never lived alone before and have no one to go with. why did all the women have to go psycho now when i need them the most. how the heck can i live alone. thanks to my parents for setting a lousy example of family life. father is fag, mother a lez.


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