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fck all enemies of the environment

fck all animal killers

fck all bad people who don’t fulfill their promises

crap extremely overpriced bad technology overhyped scammers

crazy hate filled back stabbing whores

my mother cooks bad food. my father is crazy and so is she. i have no one else. quality of life is down. i stay up at night since my mother can’t be bothered to give me food and i’m hungry. when i do get food its not tasty. fck you politicians for allowing bad changes that destroy families. fck my father for neglecting priorities. fck my mother casting an evil eye on me whenever possible and being jealous of my talents.

its not because i’m unlovable, its because they are. stuck in a trap. shitty family, no friends, no riches. plenty of hatred. thanks a lot life. thanks to¬† religion, greedy crazy parents who would rather starve and be crappy than spend money, secularist home country, socialism and this fascistic city. thanks to all the envious haters who threw me out of university. thanks to that crazy cousin sister for still hating me for politely leaving that crappy ceremony of hers.

you cheap and selfish indians i hate you.

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