Truth Is Here


Posted on: November 30, 2010

religion of liars

enemies of truth

enemies of freedom

enemies of justice

praisers of a war mongering pedophile


not peaceful

suppression isn’t peace

closet homosexuals found in this religion

men and women pray separately

people bend over close to each other while praying next to members of same sex

religion of slavery

they kill animals much more brutally than required

they allow covering and beating of women

their house or worship is a gigantic dick

they churn out the most closet homos and corrupt other segments of people

religion of intolerance

agents of closet homosexuality and societal break down

they hate non muslims, want to kill them and take over

they bitch about jews in “palestine” but never talk about muslims who are illegally occupying cyprus and kashmir, india

they forcefully invaded and murdered millions of people in india, persia, spain. they have destroyed these great countries and made them mediocre and weak. they are pests. don’t let them in your country.


end this religion for peace. now.


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