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Its pathetic that the authorities can’t keep these degenerates out of here. Lesbians who pretend to be straight should be jailed.


Atenção a todos os brasileiros

Seu novo presidente é um criminoso. Ela roubou um banco e matou um homem na frente de sua esposa e filhos por volta de 1970. Ela ainda é a mesma pessoa. Você deve removê-la a partir desta posição, ela foi dada pelo outro ladrão, Lula. Caso contrário, ela vai roubar de todos vocês. Você precisa de um bom líder que não é ruim como ela.

Warning to all Brazilians

Your new president is a criminal. She robbed a bank and killed a man in front of his wife and children around 1970. She is still the same person. You must remove her from this position she has been given by the other thief, Lula. Otherwise, she will steal from all of you. You need a good leader who is not bad like her.

that’s right. people who are in the closet are actually sick, doped up on homocysteine from consuming meat, and their agenda of bitterness, destruction and isolation must stop.

to society, family

should not have equal rights to those who are

man isn’t kind and neither is woman.

people are inconsiderate, selfish parasites.

this country has a bunch of idiots in it who first allowed it to turn into an islamic dictatorship then allowed a turk to become president. a sick, inane turk who has no respect for others and meddles with others’ problems threateningly. he has allowed many innocent people to be killed in the name of their insane law. women stoned for fucking someone other than their husband. children killed for breaking some law that children can break.


jail this bastard who is making a mockery of presidency and justice.

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