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Fuck you Abraham

Fuck you Mohammed

Fuck you Jesus

R.I.C. – Rot In Coffin

Abraham was a mentally ill person who exhibited symptoms of psychosis – hearing voices, following the commands of those voices. For example, he once, following those voices, took his son to a rock and almost stabbed him. If he had been honest he would have said “I was just following the voice” But he said “I was following God” and that somehow makes it okay? That somehows puts a spin on it that is acceptable. This isn’t sweetened phosphoric acid, its Coca Cola. Yay!

Anyway, he was a desert dwelling maniac like Mohammed and Jesus, whose lies had no boundaries. Can you trust the creation of a person who had lost his capacity to reason to have control over his thoughts, a desert dweller who had fallen through the cracks but wouldn’t admit it? All Abrahamic religions were made in the desert. That’s why they are total bullshit.

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