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it’s a mix of good and bad of course. Zuckerberg has stolen the code for it from his classmates working with him on it allegedly. This allegation seems to be true because Zuck is kissing third world corrupt ass a lot with this site by connecting them and exposing corporations and other important entities to them without really having given the other developers of facebook (it wasn’t called that it was called Connect U and was only for uni students) their fair share of the profit/success. Well that’s what happens when a greedy color blind atheist drop out throws his books out and steals from true developers something they wisely wanted only uni students to have access to.

I’ve been hurt and humiliated a Lot on facebook and Obama is still on the large partly because he got access to facebook even though he’s illegal as a president and you can shove that birther label up your ass.

zuck is so rude he actually blocked me on fb when I messaged him. All incompetent people riding on others’ merits stolen by them are bound to leave clues of their wrong doings in some way or shape or form.

I’m in no way bashing all drop outs, a good education can also go a long way.

I’m being targeted like hell in real life where I am and things are bad for me in many ways  😦

I really wonder if Zuck’s rule of don’t add people you don’t know should be taken seriously cause he’s a fraud and a bungler

Trigger Reset

Mohammad Hussain Rashwani is a Syrian “refugee” who came to Germany for a better life. He is a skilled hairstylist, and found employment working for a woman who owns a hair salon in Herzberg. He did so well that he was touted as a model of successful “integration” in Modern Multicultural Germany.

There was a little integration glitch: Mohammad was unable to resist emulating his namesake, and slit his employer’s throat.

A bloody deed horrified Herzberg (Elbe-Elster) on Wednesday. A salon owner was attacked by her Syrian employee, and gravely injured.

He was regarded the paramount example of successful integration. The Syrian Mohammad H. (39), a master hairstylist who had fled his homeland, started a new life and found work in Herzberg. He was appreciated and popular in the salon of Ilona F. (64). This makes what happened yesterday, Wednesday, even stranger.

As the Prosecution Cottbus confirms, around 6:30 PM…

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Uber liberal India is so red they force Zionists to ally with Islamists who want to kill Zionists. These super fascists of India have the super tax of green dot, red dot on foods and everything has to get one of these dot labels. Ofc stuff forced to be veg like chocolate has not much of a good taste and as such food grown in India tastes like shit. But American leftists imported some of this horrible scum and spoiled them. It really is a lottery when such trashy leftists rule America. 

Geniuses in Arabia have their halal food tax. Halal = terrorism. Green dot = destroyed health from liberalism. 

Like what the fuck is gonna be done about these newly formed zombie, severely aggressive nations of socialists and arianists of east? 
I’ve been punched on the head in india while buying shoes in a shop in a mall, punched on the hand in a mall, punched on the face collecting pizza delivery and always brown people do attacks as other brown and other fascists look the other way.

Only brics scum would tolerate this GCC worshipping hell hole. Thanks for ripping me off WordPress and getting me harassed here on your site - Facts Fun & News on ISLAM, "The religion of peace"

Few ideas induce more horror than the selling of human beings for sex against their will. But the slave markets of the Islamic State are not the only places on earth one can hear human trafficking rationalized.

Numerous Islamist institutions in the West frequently provide platforms for speakers who defend this abominable practice by citing Islamic law. And for years they have worked to infiltrate the mainstream of philanthropy.

Since January, the Middle East Forum has worked – first in private and then in public – to persuade the Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) to stop funding two such extremist organizations, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Islamic Relief (IR), and instead support reformist Muslim groups.

Both CAIR and IR provide regular platforms to fundamentalist imams and activists who justify concubinage and other brutal practices. Georgetown academic and Islamist convert Jonathan…

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